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In case you hadn't heard   
03:20pm 27/12/2009
  Adam and I are now using the F word.

Sorry for the delay in posting this here as opposed to facebook where we posted it some time ago.
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I can has internet!   
06:28pm 19/02/2008
mood: bouncy
Finally. After only a month and a half of living in Philly (for those of you who I never mentioned it to, I have fled NYC), I finally have internet! First it took me forever to call Verizon, then the modem took forever to show up, and then I couldn't find the phone jack (turns out it was in my clothes closet), but now I finally have internet. So, hopefully this means that I will post/comment more, but don't hold your breath.
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Attention Knitters, Crocheters, and Sewers!!!   
04:51pm 01/11/2007
mood: optimistic
I just saw this and think it sounds like a really neat idea and a great way to support our troops (not that I support the war, but I do support the troops) by knitting and crocheting. It's a charity that needs people to knit/crochet "helmetliners" and scarves to keep the troops warm in the cold climates that they are in. They also need folks to sew "neck coolers", the pattern for that can be found at the bottom of the mainpage of the official website.

Check out: http://cache.lionbrand.com/cgi-bin/lionbrand/displayCustomerProjects.fcgi?projectKey=36623&displayType=story

And, their official website: http://www.geocities.com/helmetliner/

Sounds like a very worthy cause to me, and a unique and creative way to contribute.
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Whoa! A post from Leofwynn! :)   
04:24pm 31/10/2007
mood: confused
Hello to all! I'm sorry that I've virtually disappeared from LJ lately, just been busy. Anyway, I just got a job offer (in tech) and have some questions for ya'll....Collapse )
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Job Ideas?   
10:44am 25/07/2007
mood: hopeful
No, not for me. :)

My cousin just graduated from college with a degree in Music Education. She is looking for a job as a music teacher, I'm not sure if she'd rather elementary or high school, but she's probably open to anything. She is currently in Cincinnati, OH, but would be happy to move to any major city except NYC.

Anyone know of any openings or helpful leads? Thanks!
Now I've seen everything, really....   
12:53am 25/07/2007
mood: tired
Check out http://www.chorewars.com

D&D and housekeeping all rolled into one! So rustle up some other brave souls and embark on a journey in cleanliness together!
Update: I'm not going to Israel :(   
07:59pm 19/06/2007
mood: sad
Yeah, turns out that Israeli rules stipulate that a traveler's passport must be valid for six months AFTER the end of your trip to Israel. WTF?!

This is not a normal rule! Other countries do not have this rule! And the airline said that it was my responsibility to have magically known to look for this mysterious rule. No one said a word about it when I bought the ticket. You would think they would give you some warning.

Anyway, I stood at the ticket counter in JFK for half an hour trying to work something out (try to go tommorow and get the passport extended, get on a flight tommorow, etc) to no avail. All the flights are completely booked for the this week, unless I want to pay an extra $2200 or so.

So, I now have a voucher worth $1118.99 (minus a $200 processing or whatever fee) to go anywhere American Airlines flies in the next year.

I will say that I'm a bit despondant at the moment. Just shocked still. Its not that big a deal, I'll get over it. Just has to sink in a bit, I guess.
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I'm off to the Holy Land!   
10:18am 19/06/2007
mood: excited
I'm going to Israel for a cousin's wedding. Haven't been there in eight years. My flight leaves at 6:35 tonight. I'll be there for a week.

Wish me luck fending off the relatives! :)
Hope everyone has a good week!
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It's that time of year again....   
10:17am 11/06/2007
mood: excited
My heart is light, happiness washes over me, and an angelic smile graces my lips as I stare at the computer screen, entranced....


The drooling begins here: http://pennsicwar.org/penn36/AANDS/PENNU/pennsic_classes_on_2007-08-01.html
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For all of you yarn geeks, and geeks who love yarn....   
11:35pm 06/06/2007
mood: tired
Be afraid, be very afraid.....

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Busy Weekend!   
09:52am 23/04/2007
mood: content
Wow! What a weekend!

Went up to Boston Friday afternoon for a short visit. Stayed with doeeyedbunny, which was just extremely nice. We went to the tremonststshul for the 20's & 30's dinner. Dinner was delicious, and it was great to see everyone, this shul just needs to be a bit closer to NYC.

The always adorable gilana came over for Shabbat lunch, which was a lot of fun.

Then doeeyedbunny and I went to a friend's b-day party, where we saw all of the usual suspects, it was really nice to see buxom_bey, woodwardiocom, sunspiral, and a bunch of other cool folks.

doeeyedbunny and I drove back to NYC Saturday night. The drive just flew! I will have to say, our powers of conversation are impressive.

On Sunday I went to an SCA event in the newly established Canton of Broken Bridge (Brooklyn). It was so nice just hanging out with everyone and talking Pennsic and fiber arts and stuff. And I was in garb. Hee!

Ok, hopefully Monday will be more restful than the weekend was....
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11:16am 11/04/2007
mood: exhausted
Got in to Newark at 6am this morning on the red-eye from Seattle. Went straight to work in Manhattan.

The goal for today is to not fall asleep standing up.

Now gladly accepting all sympathy and pity you folks are willing to throw my way.
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Goodbye bread....   
11:30am 02/04/2007
mood: tired
See you next week! :(
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This is not supposed to be our theme song!!!   
01:43pm 23/03/2007
mood: bored
(Note: For those who don't know, I work for a non-profit that works with the elderly)

A couple of minutes ago we found out that a client passed away and one of my co-workers started crooning, "Another one bites the dust, and another one..."

Just witness the caring, compassionate social workers hard at work. I think this place is getting to all of us, just a bit.
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10:05am 23/03/2007
mood: cheerful
Happy Birthday graykin!!! Woo-Hoo!!!
Drum Roll Please...   
10:44am 22/03/2007
mood: sleepy
I present to you, ladies and gentleman, the ultimate in Jewish guilt:

(Prerequisite note: I am the one speaking on my parents' home voicemail message.)

My mother, last night: "You never call...I call my own voicemail just to hear the sound of your voice!"

Just try and top that one! :)
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Sometimes I wonder about myself...   
11:46pm 21/03/2007
mood: annoyed
So, today is my father's b-day and I, well, forgot.

Luckily my mother called to remind me so I could at least call and send an e-card.

Now what can I knit quickly that I can say I was working on and just couldn't quite finish in time for his b-day? Hmmmm.....

I have a planner, really I do! And I know how to use it, I promise....
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Never a dull moment...   
10:32am 01/02/2007
mood: caffeinated
Turns out that the main office of the marketing firm that worked with Turner on the whole easily-mistaken-for-bombs marketing campaign (Interference, Inc)is in the building I work in, up on the 8th floor. So, cops are running around the building, the TV news folks are hanging out outside the building, etc. So, if any of you Boston folks have personal vendetas for all the hassle this whole thing caused you, I know who you can torment. Hope your city is back to normal today.
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Arisia Art Show   
06:04pm 11/12/2006
  My artist number for the Arisia Art Show is 123. I just think that's kinda funny.

Now if only I had actually made any hats for it yet. I bought the yarn, that should count for something. Its gonna be a busy month....
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Hookah! Hookah!   
12:47pm 07/12/2006
mood: busy
Last night I went to a hookah bar in the East Village with a nice orthodox Jewish friend who shall remain nameless. I'd never been before, it was her idea. Lots of fun! Very soothing. In addition to hookahs and ale to set the mood, the place had a very middle-eastern feel. It was pretty darn cool, particularly for a Wednesday night.
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